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Over the years, studies have proven the advantages of improving the environment of the workplace, as it impacts the employees.  Major consideration has been given to time-and-motion studies, repetitive movements, effects of temperature and more.

Factors that contribute to "workplace fatigue" are directly related to comfort levels and the resultant output and efficiency, whether the task is mental, as may be executed in an office, or physical on an assembly line.

Surprisingly, given recognition of these factors and their payoff in efficiency, not nearly enough consideration has been given to the disturbance of annoying sounds.

Though the range of acoustic problems between office and an assembly line, or manufacturing facility are as broad as the scope of their size and configuration, they often exist, side by side.

As long as the frequency and decibel level of the sound is within the range of the human auditory system, they may be considered comforting, as in "background music", or a distraction as in "unwanted sounds", sounds that shock and are often constant, or repetitive.

Office application of "white noise" or "pink noise" has been effective as an electronic approach to sound issues, but not nearly enough thought has been given to the simple application of acoustic panels, which effectively can provide an affordable solution to the full-range of acoustic problems, office to assembly-line, to manufacturing facility.

Years of University and in-house research have resulted in the development of Vicoustic's extensive line-up of acoustic products, as proven effective, world-wide.

Whether an office environment that requires both form and function, or an industrial application that concentrates primarily on sound attenuation, Vicoustic has a  solution to each and every complex acoustic problem.

Browse through our Portfolio for the sights and sounds of Vicoustic, supported by our Vicoustic North America Engineering/DesignTeam. The combination of Vicoustic products, complemented by the Vicoustic N.A. Service Team, provides you with Acousticians, Engineers and Designers, having unmatched capability, throughout the acoustic industry - - and we're only a phone call or email away at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (206) 767-2020



A I A Show

acoustic show

We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the AIA show hosted at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta this year. The Schedule was obviously extremely tight with so much to do and see. We look forward to following up with you in the coming weeks to let you know how we can help you with your next project.  Thank you Atlanta, for your Gracious Hospitality heart



Advanced Acoustic Analysis

acoustic panels

Vicoustic offers several levels of acoustic consulting services. From simple product referral to complex acoustic analysis, resolving your specific acoustic issues. At Vicoustic, we have a full research center with an exclusive  hybrid-lab, including our own anechoic and reverberation volume adaptable chamber. 


A Very Versatile Panel

wavewood ceiling panel

Vicoustic has invented one of the most important acoustic panels manufactured in the industry, to date. This multi versatile panel has been used in recording studios to home cinemas, and now it is being released in new wood and foam combinations that function in an industrial compatible application. The picture above shows Wavewood in action at Saint Gabriel Church in Lebanon. A project from 21dB.