Family Room


Current residential architecture typically includes a media, or family room.  As "the" gathering spot, this casual entertainment space provides an area where you can relax, converse, watch TV, or enjoy music.

This multi-purpose function does not require compromising the acoustics, which seldom is given even minimal consideration.

Vicoustic has developed a line-up of products, engineered and designed to not only provide the solution to your specific acoustic problem, but to accomplish that objective, artistically.

You can converse and hear the conversation, or watch TV and understand the audio, or simply enjoy the quality of your sound system, at any level, like you've never heard before.  All that and the aesthetic visual ambience of being surrounded by Vicoustic artwork - - affordably.

The solutions and choices can be complex, but the Vicoustic North America Team is available, at any level of requirement, from DIY to acoustic analysis at minimal cost to make the exercise simple and satisfying, from start to finish.

Browse through our Portfolio for the sights and sounds of Vicoustic, supported by our Vicoustic North America Engineering/Design Team. Vicoustic form and function - - supported by Vicoustic N.A.'s team of experts!  Contact us with any questions you may have at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (206) 767-2020 


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