Home Cinema


As the name implies, a home theater is a replication of a commercial theater, located within a home and dedicated to this singular purpose.

It serves to reproduce the best picture and sound possible, within the allocated space.

Though that primary objective remains common, often utilizing the same componentry, extreme variations exist regarding size and accommodation of the home theater.

Those variations result in specific acoustic requirements for each given configuration, that must be analyzed, in order to achieve the best acoustic performance.

Far too often, primary consideration is given to the aesthetic appearance and physical comfort, while acoustics are based on "feel", rather than the governing mathematics of physics.

Recognizing the primary roles of both form and function in this application, Vicoustic has developed incomparable products, satisfying the demands of both art and science.

Browse through our Portfolio for the sights and sounds of Vicoustic, supported by our Vicoustic North America Engineering/Design Team. Whether a DIY project or a full room acoustic analysis at a minimal cost, the Vicoustic N.A. Team stands ready to support and assist at any and every level.

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