Super Bass Extreme Premium Ref.99A

    Super Bass Extreme Premium Ref.99A
  • Optimized for corner mounting, Super Bass Extreme’s elegant wooden front is based on Vicoustic’s flagship Wave Wood panel. This is combined with a membrane, two high-density foam layers and a micro-perforated rear panel, with 1mm holes, that acts as a Helmholtz resonator. Designed to provide effective low frequency absorption between 60-125 Hz, it delivers maximum effectiveness between 75 -100Hz. 

  • The wooden front panel has two functions, providing sufficient mid-high frequency absorption to control corner reflections without deadening the sound, while simultaneously acting as a diffuser. This new Premium version is covered by fabric, allowing a neutral aspect that can be used in a greater variety of spaces by designers.
    When porous materials such as foam are applied to corners or walls, they become less efficient in dealing with low frequencies, because the particle velocity or air movement associated with long wavelengths is low. However, the sound pressure is at its maximum. Super Bass Extreme’s internal membrane transforms this high pressure by converting the pressure fluctuations into air motion. The membrane sympathetically vibrates over a frequency range of 75-90 Hz, causing the air to pass through a layer of high-density foam that absorbs the low frequencies. Because of the high pressure it has also been possible to introduce a further technique for aiding absorption, with the micro-perforated panel at the back of the unit acting as a tuned Helmholtz resonator. Tests actually showed the perforations to give 20% more efficiency, compared to using a non-perforated panel.
    Super Bass Extreme is highly recommended for smaller rooms with low frequency issues. The panel can be used in different corner positions and its modular structure allows further units to be added as required. With an eye to interior design compatibility, Super Bass Extreme Premium is available in eight fabric colours.



    Listening Rooms, Home Theaters, Recording and Broadcast Studios, Post Production Studios, Office, Rehearsal Rooms, Conference and Teleconference Rooms, Public Spaces, Auditoriums, etc.

  • Main Info
  • Ref: B00630
  • EAN13: 5600301854422
  • Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 6 in
  • Scratch Resistance: No
  • Washable: No
  • Performance
  • Functionality: Basstrap
  • Absorption Frequency: Low Frequencies
  • alpha with Shape Indicators:
  • NRC: 0.000
  • Shipping
  • Units Per Box: 2
  • Box Dimensions: 26 x 15 x 25 in
  • Box Weight: 30.0 lbs
  • Box Volume: 5.650 in3
  • Row Materials
  • Material: Wood
  • Design
  • Fabric Color: Blue
  • Installation
  • Place: Corner
  • Fixing Type: Glued
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