Control Room


Creating an acoustically correct control room is a science within itself. It's important to determine the placement and number of bass-traps, diffusers and absorbers, in order to create the largest sweet-spot possible.

If you browse through our portfolio, you will notice that we use key products like the Wavewood Panel, Cinema Round Premium, and Multifuser DC2 or Multifuser Wood. The reason is simple. Cinema Round Premium is the best absorption acoustic panel on the market today, showing a near flat absorption curve. The Multifuser DC2 and the Multifuser Wood are both top of the line diffusers that offer quadratic and phase diffusion - two diffusers in one product! Wavewood is a hybrid panel that acts as a bass trap when placed in corners, and as a multifunctional panel when mounted on walls and ceilings, performing as a filter absorber and soft diffuser simultaneously.

The solutions and choices can be complex, but the Vicoustic USA Team is available, at any level of requirement, from DIY to acoustic room analysis, to make the exercise simple, satisfying and cost effective, from start to finish.

Browse through our Portfolio for the sights and sounds of Vicoustic, supported by our Vicoustic North America Engineering/Design Team. Contact Vicoustic North America for answers to any questions you may have.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (206) 767-2020


InfoComm 2015

soundproofing company at convention center

Vicoustic North America will be on display at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from June 17 - June 19, 2015. Stop by and see us at Booth #5351 and see what InfoComm is showcasing this year.


Product of the Year


product_Super-Bass-Extreme-_41_Screen-Shot-2014-11-13-at-3.58.16-PM.png (225×109)

 We are proud to announce that Super Bass Extreme, one of our signature products, was voted "Product of the Year" by "Electronic House" Magazine. That makes two years in a row of outstanding recognition in the demanding world of acoustics.





Showroom Visit

Macklemore at vicoustic

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis chose Vicoustic to meet their studio and personal demands.